Why it’s good to take a nap at work.

Napping at work is generally frowned upon. You could get in trouble and you can even lose your job. But there is a growing movement in workplaces that views napping differently. Researchers and scientists have long studied the effects of napping and how it can benefit us at work. The results are positive and now some companies are starting open up to the idea.

Naps increase productivity.

It may sound like the opposite should be the effect, but naps have been shown to increase productivity. As you go through your day you get tired. Napping will restore your energy and this will help you become more productive.

Naps help you de-stress.

The more stressed you are the more your body needs to de-stress. Napping is an effective way of managing and lessening your stress.

Naps reduce the risk of heart disease.

According to a 2007 study from the Archives of Internal Medicine taking a nap at least 3 times will make you 37 percent less likely to suffer from heart disease.

Many countries around the world practice napping after lunch or during their lunch break. These nap times can range from a quick 20-30 minute power nap to 1-2, sometimes even 3 hours. Of course we don’t suggest snoozing for 3 hours. Taking a power nap is your best bet to getting that energy boost and brain refresh that you might need to zoom through your work. If you are the boss see how this works for your company. If you are the employee maybe you can make a suggestion the next time there is an opportunity.

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  • Tried to implement this at work. Had deal with employees abusing their nap time privileges though.

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