Why kids should have a pet

This article might be tough for people who are not animal lovers. That being said, kids should have pets!

Lessons learned

First off, having a pet and working with your children to care for them teaches them responsibility and accountability. Even if you choose to have a smaller pet like a turtle or a fish, a pet by nature must require care, and if you work with your child or children in their proper care, they learn childhood responsibility. They also learn unconditional love and companionship. They learn to be more relaxed and comfortable around animals that are pets.

Healthy for you

For parents or guardians, playing and spending time with your pet (especially dogs) can help lower blood pressure and will definitely help calm you down.

Go walking

For your kids, a pet, in particular a dog, it will get them outside more. They’ll need to take it out for walks and for play time.

Sibling bonding

A pet shared among siblings is also a good way to have something in common and will therefore promote a better relationship between them.

All in all, having a pet for your child is a good idea. You’ll just need to find the “right” one for your family. There are a lot of options out there, it could be anything from a bearded dragon to a horse.

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