Winter’s best scents to wear this season

It’s now Winter. Should you change your fragrance to this season like you change your wardrobe? By all means YES! Strong amber, heavy floral types have always been associated with winter.

If you look in the fashion magazines and even on television commercials, it seems like new fragrances are coming out all the time. Celebrities are now creating their own fragrances with their names on it. One of the newest ones is for Alicia Keys, “Dahlia Divin” by Givenchy. This fragrance boosts lush, sweet top notes along with sandalwood and patchouli.

So what are winter’s best scents to wear this season. It all depends on what you like.

Do you like sweets? No, not to eat, but to wear. Sugary scents seem to explode this time of year and just because its a holiday season it’s not going to mean that you’ll smell like the dessert table!

One to try is “Extatic” by Balmain. It has vanilla and chocolate as some of it’s notes. Now doesn’t that sound yummy like a sophisticated dessert? It also combines notes of flowers in it too. The ingredients are a bit unexpected. Prada “Candy” sounds good too. Thou it could remind you of caramel candies.

Don’t limit yourself to Patchouli if you like spicy fragrances. The newest one from Calvin Klein “Reveal” gets a kick from black pepper.

How about citrus, fruity scents? No you won’t be smelling like a lemon or orange, they would be too bright and fleeting for the season. Citrus scents are known to have a warmth, but are actually sexier. Chanels “Chance” could remind you of hot tea with lemon.

If you like florals, try earthy and animatic scents with jasmine or violet in it. Try Beyoncé “Rise” which blends orchids and jasmine to give it a perfect balance to sweet and musky. “B. Balenciaga” by Balenciaga contains the romance of the lily of the valley. “Flash” by Jimmy Choo, yes the shoemaker, has also evolved into the fragrance world with his latest must have fashion accessory besides shoes! It actually has a bit of everything in it from Pink pepper (spice), tangerine and strawberry (fruity), white flowers (floral) and white powdery woods which all create a provocative scent.

Though these are just a few, there are many more to pick and choose from. Take your time picking out your favorite. Just like clothes, you need to try them “on”. What may have smelled great on someone else may not always be the best “scent” of choice on you. Body chemicals and skin types will play a major role in how it reacts on your skin. Whatever scent you decide will be your best scent for the winter season.

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  • Dahlia Divin is out of this world! Not a big fan of Alicia, this perfume was a nice surprise, it lasts super long and has very sophisticated notes, my mom loved it as well.

  • Calvin Klein’s “Reveal” is my favorite scent in winter and fall. I have tried to wear it in the summer, but it was a bit too much.

  • I like subtle vanilla scents and Black Opium by YSL checks this box and many others. At first you notice the vanilla and coffee only to be comforted with sweet chocolate, my favorite winter treat. Test it before getting it as this is nothing like the original Opium, which wasn’t a big fave of mine.

  • Chanel’s Chance is a staple for me, no matter the season. Classic, sexy, powerful, fresh and spicy, the perfect choice.

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